Previously Supported by President, Now Gojek Banned

Fauzan Hilal    •    Jumat, 18 Dec 2015 11:08 WIB
Previously Supported by President, Now Gojek Banned
Gojek Drivers (Photo: Gojek), Jakarta: Decision from Ministry of Transportation to ban application-based taxi services like Gojek for motorcycle taxi and Uber for car taxi triggers polemic in public. Previously, President Joko Widodo supported the industry as model for Indonesian digital economy.
In September 2015, President Joko Widodo invited Gojek drivers to Palace. At the time, president appreciated Gojek that was founded by young businessman, Nadiem Makarim.
Before that, Jokowi even asked Nadiem to make other applications. "Our traditional economy needs technology to get fast information. I think Gojek is good and very creative," said Jokowi in August 4.
In October 2015, Jokowi and Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara brought Gojek when Indonesian delegation visited United States. government showed Gojek as an example of Indonesian digital economy.
The shocking decision announced by Ministry of Transportation yesterday (12/17/2015). The decision were circulated to police and local governments all around Indonesia.
Transportation Ministry's Director General of Land Transportation Djoko Sasono said Gojek and Uber violate 2009 Traffic and Transportation Law and other government regulations.


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